Kia Ora, and how are you going?

Down-Under Dispatches initially started as the Honors Capstone project of Erica Petz, a magazine journalism and anthropology student at Syracuse University who studied at the University of Queensland for a semester.

After studying abroad, she wanted to build a travel and culture website about Australia and New Zealand that she would’ve loved to have as a resource before going. Down-Under Dispatches has become a portal through which you can do a variety of things that you wouldn’t normally find all on one site, including: browsing cool things to do in a city, reading stories about the place’s culture, learning about the people who bring it to life, finding answers to all of your practical questions, and taking some fun quizzes about whether New Zealand’s North or South Island suits you best or to test how well you know Aussie slang.

Visiting Sydney, AUS
Skydiving in Queenstown, NZ

Essentially, the idea was to create a one-stop shop for Down Under travel and culture, catered to the young, curious traveler looking to visit or live in this amazing corner of the world. Now that you’ve found Down-Under Dispatches, you don’t need to look anywhere else. Have fun exploring this site, and stay keen for new adventures, experiences, and meaningful connections.