When Is Everything Closed: March through May 2018

Not only do public holidays vary between Australia and New Zealand, but each state/region has its different holidays, too. This might not occur to most Americans, since we can’t imagine all our 50 states having their own special holidays. Here’s the Autumn 2018 (March-May) guide for Down-Under days off:


Orange: Australia

Purple: Both

Blue: New Zealand


Mar. 5: WA, AUS (Labour Day)

Mar. 12:

AUS: ACT (Canberra Day), SA (March Public Holiday), TAS (Eight Hours Day), VIC (Labour Day)

NZ: Taranaki (Taranaki Anniversary Day)

Mar. 26: Otago, NZ (Otago Anniversary Day)

Mar. 30: Good Friday


Apr. 2: Easter Monday

Apr. 3: Southland, NZ (Southland Anniversary Day)

Apr. 25: Anzac Day


May 7:

NT, AUS (May Day)

QLD, AUS (Labour Day)

May 28: ACT, AUS (Reconciliation Day)

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