Bay of Fires

One of Tasmania’s most famous conservation areas, the Bay of Fires stretches as far north as Eddystone Point, but the southern portion of the park in Binalong Bay hosts the most scenic views. In particular, head to the Gardens for especially beautiful scenery.

The area got its name from the Aboriginal fires Captain Tobias Furneaux spotted on the shore as he sailed past in 1773. If you look around, you’ll find middens (ancient trash heaps of bones and shells), hinting at the existence of these early inhabitants. But since then, the “fires” has come to refer to the bright orange lichen growing on the rocks lining the bay. The combination of these vibrant rocks, white sand, and clear blue waters make the bay’s beaches an unmissable Tasmanian destination.

Besides exploring the beaches and soaking in the views, the Bay of Fires area offers opportunities for activities like swimming, snorkelling, and surfing.

All photos by Takuma, Viva College Brisbane (home university: Komazawa University)

Location: C8-48, Binalong Bay TAS 7216, Australia

Hours: Open during the daytime

Cost: Free

Phone: +61 3 6256 7000


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