Crater Lakes National Park, Lake Eacham

Photo by Takuma, Viva College Brisbane (home university: Komazawa University)

Popular among locals and tourists alike is Crater Lakes National Park’s Lake Eacham, a lake so blue and clear that it mirrors the surrounding rainforest on its surface. The name “Crater Lakes” comes from the lake’s origin as a volcanic crater that filled with water.

While motorized boats aren’t allowed on the lake, you can still canoe, kayak, and swim in the water. The park is also a great site for picnics, birdwatching — 180 bird species have been recorded from the rainforest — and walking, following the 3km track around the lake.

This park is included the Aboriginal Ngadgjon-Jii people’s traditional land. Make sure that you respect their special site during your visit.

Location: Lakes Drive, Lake Eacham QLD 4884, Australia

Hours: Open 24 hours

Cost: Free

Phone: +61 7 4091 4222


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